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Located within Cyprus's majestic Akrotiri Peninsula in the west of Limassol, Citrine Estates is an exclusive property development that offers the rare opportunity to experience luxury living in nature, providing investors with unparalleled access.

The estate is surrounded by lush fragrant orange groves and abundant wildlife and offers a unique blend of modernity, comfort, and natural freedom.



Living up to its mythical legacy as the ‘island of love’, the small nation of Cyprus boasts idyllic beaches, romantic ancient ruins, and a welcoming, vibrant culture that has won hearts across the East and the West, resulting in Cyprus’s unique multiethnic tradition.



The island boasts an investor-friendly tax regime, an urban lifestyle, and a high quality of life, which offers investors access to top-class medical facilities, education, and a low crime rate. These are all elements that are particularly attractive to wealthy and talented entrepreneurs looking to expand their global prospects by investing in Cyprus.


A delicate mix of modern flair and historical splendor, the picturesque island of Cyprus is a prime Mediterranean attraction.

Its second-largest city Limassol shares this deluxe status. Situated in the modern cosmopolitan city of Limassol, Citrine Estates offers secure and private access to Cyprus's vibrant business landscape and wonderous nature, effortlessly blending the old with the new.

The lifestyle in Limassol is one of its most attractive attributes, featuring warm Mediterranean weather throughout the year, an abundance of exceptional cultural sights and experiences, exquisite cuisine, and lively nightlife.


Not only is this urban city wrapped around an ancient castle, but it also houses one of the largest retails centers in Cyprus, the My Mall shopping center.

In 2021, Limassol will also become home to the first casino on the island, the City of Dreams Mediterranean, which is expected to be the largest of its kind in Europe and a major contributor to the country’s GDP.