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With ultimate exclusivity and choice in mind, Citrine Estates offers a range of property options, including luxury studio apartments, designer-furnished single and multiple unit clusters, ornate 3-bedroom houses, and elegant 4-bedroom villas.

Each luxury property’s master plan is designed according to the highest standards of contemporary design, with exquisite amenities and furnishings to enhance the experience of the surrounding Akrotiri Peninsula’s magnificent beauty.

Bolstered by the thriving real estate market in Limassol and the forthcoming City of Dreams Mediterranean casino-resort, your property is set to be a powerful revenue generator.


External & internal
design specifications

Developed by CNS Group, Citrine Estates optimizes modern design with the investor’s bespoke customization. Construction methodologies ensure high-quality technical specifications for optimum physical durability and minimum maintenance.


Phase one - Citrus:

The exclusive Citrine Estates development is currently in its first phase of the residential development. Subsequent phases (Harmony & Zenith) will follow soon after, concluding this deluxe and exceptional establishment.


Phase two — Harmony:

This phase of the development is dedicated to additional amenities that will serve the residential area and advance the commercial area, adding to the grandeur of Citrine Estates.

Phase three — Zenith:

The culmination of the development of Citrine Estates, this phase will see further luxury residential plots added to this exclusive development.


All the properties are designed to withstand the range of weather and climatic conditions that are unique to Cyprus.

The estate also offers exclusive VIP services and world-class amenities that are the standard for a development of this stature and magnitude.

This expansive development gives investors a sense of freedom from the city life, while the layout of the plots and design of the properties still creates a feeling of secure privacy and seclusion.

 4 B e d r o o m   v i l l a s 

 3 B e d r o o m   v i l l a s 

 3 B e d r o o m 

 r e s i d e n c e s 

 2 B e d r o o m 

 r e s i d e n c e s 

 A p a r t m e n t  B l o c k s 

 A p a r t m e n t  B l o c k s